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Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry
Susan Lowry

Lucy Before the Apocalypse (Part One):

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

After a series of life tragedies, Lucy’s prepared herself for the worst. She may be troubled, but she knows how to survive.

Someone extraordinary is looking out for her too. But the world isn’t ready for their secret — an amazing gift shared just between the two of them.

Together they are strong, until a terrifying encounter with one of the worst kind of criminals changes everything. The road to stopping him is paved with complexities unique only to someone like Lucy. And the danger of confronting him far beyond her worst nightmares.

Lucy Before the Apocalypse (Part Two):

It’s a shady existence living incognito.

Incriminated for a crime she didn’t commit, Lucy is forced to run. Haunted by guilt and trauma, she must leave everyone who cares for her behind.

Her new life in Toronto holds the promise of independence and a career she’s always wanted however. Finally she has a plan to make it work — until something goes wrong with her new roommate.

But the authorities can’t be allowed to interrogate her. They’ll lock her up and throw away the key. Fortunately someone is willing to help her escape. If only they knew what was on the horizon…

Ping — From the Apocalypse

When humanity reaches the brink of extinction, the evolutionary scale is tipped by an emerging ability to ping.

If you like post-apocalyptic survival stories, tenacious heroines, and otherworldly mysteries, then you'll love this heartfelt series.

Buy Ping today to test the limits of the human spirit…

Amazon Reviews

"...so eerie, so foreboding, it's like stepping into a Twilight Zone episode - and it'll be a while before you're able to step back out again!" – Heather Killough-Walden, NYT best-selling author

"…the characters are so engaging that you quickly come to care about this small group of survivors. It was a delight to read a great post-apocalyptic story that was neither gory or relied heavily upon the overused standard tropes of the genre. Instead Lowry has created something very unexpected that provided me with a thoroughly satisfying read. I was sad to see it end and hope to find more books by this author in the future." – Amazon.ca reviewer

"...I love this series and need the next one now." – Amazon reviewer

"…it manages to bridge a post-apocalyptic survival adventure with a touching human story." – Amazon reviewer

"…mixes the reality of the apocalypse with the magic of the human spirit." – Amazon reviewer

"…well-written…interesting, clever piece of fiction." – Amazon reviewer

"...Susan Lowry's debut novel, Ping, is a real page-turner! She creates interesting, compelling characters and a plot that will draw you in and keep you interested. Lowry deftly weaves elements of science fiction into a postmodern, post-apocalyptic world that seems terrifyingly plausible. Fans of Stephen King, Michael Crichton, and Dean Koontz will especially enjoy this strong, swift, suspenseful novel." – Amazon reviewer

"...The author's incorporation of telepathic powers was a unique complexity that served to better interconnect the characters and events. The writing itself was skillful and the editing professional. This is a story as much about the people who survived as it is the apocalypse they survived. Well done! " – Amazon reviewer

"...Gripping entertainment, couldn't put down." – Amazon reviewer