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Susan Lowry

Composing poetry and writing short stories was one of my first interests in grade school. Painting and art were also among my passions as I grew up on the outskirts of Toronto.

I moved to Mississauga with my husband, a computer programmer, to raise our son and daughter, who were read to almost every night before bed.

I have a love and fascination for all animals. They are innocent, amazing creatures and their intelligence always surprises me. I think they are evolving and understand more than we give them credit. No wonder telepathic animals are finding their way into my novels.

My first novel Ping was published in June of 2011. After finishing the sequel Ping Two - Across the Valley, I decided to rewrite the first book. The 2017 edition is now Ping - From the Apocalypse.

If you have the old version, please ask Amazon to send you a free update. If you bought it elsewhere please contact me and I will help you get it to your device.

Ping Three - Between Two Shores took the longest to write. A lot was happening in my life during that time and the plot is much more complicated. I do feel that it is my best novel so far.

I moved up to a small town in Central Ontario with my husband to be nearer to family, and also to be close to the beach. Unfortunately the family moved far away.

Most of my time is spent writing and working hard to improve my craft. I also enjoy walking on the beach, swimming, photography, movies, and drives around beautiful rural Ontario.